The Exclusive WLI Process

Built for Success
Our exclusive program is used throughout all of our programs. It is a proven methodolgy that brings sustainable success.

Champion Programs

Producing Champions
We provide Champion Programs that help people excel in all they do! Our programs provide positive and sustainable results that produces predictable outcomes.

Individual Coaching

Continual Improvement
We work one-on-one with individuals to improve their personal life, work life and the balance between the two. We can work with individuals in person or via the tools of the internet!

we offer


We offer online, webinar and in house programs.



Click on the course title below to see some of our offerings.

Champion Leadership

Champion Sales 

Champion Team Development 

Champion Board Development 

Champion Small Business

Living as a Champion

Learning as a Champion

Champion Time Mastery

Champion Retreats

 Who is                WLi-Solutions?

WLi Solutions is a division of World Leadership Institute (WLi).

World Leadership Institute has been offering programs in both personal and business development for over 15 years.  WLi has developed its own software packages to help clients improve performance.

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WLi Solutions Builds Champions

We believe that Champions are those who have Discovered their path for the future, Set a Direction for the future through a Framework for Action and Developed themselves to have the power to act!


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