World Leadership Institute has been dedicated for over twenty years in moving people from where they are to the Circle of Champions!  


WLi-Solutions is the Division of World leadership Institute that works with individuals as well as organizations to achieve that champion status.



What are three words that come to mind when you think of a Champion:


How About

Positive §  Predictable §  Sustainable

Champions achieve Positive outcomes!

Champions are Predictable!

Champion outcomes produce are Sustainable!


Ask the following?

Does your company obtain Positive outcomes on a consistent basis?

Do others expect you will deliver because of your past Predictability?

Are the results you are achieving Sustainable such that they can support continued success?




If you answer any of those questions with a NO or if any of those questions produces a level of uncertainty, why not remove that uncertainty and let us help you enter the Circle of Champions?





How do we build champions?

WLi-Solutions programs contain these three elements, Discovery Direction and Development.  These three elements work together to produce champions.


We begin by using our exclusive Discovery programs to determine where the real needs exist.  Read More


Our program of Direction helps you build a framework of Purpose, Principles, Pathways.  Read More


Having a strong foundation, having a Framework is only part of the effort.  Now, you must have the Power to drive action in your Framework.  Read More


If you look at most champions in your life, they moved carefully through these three levels in moving forward to be a champion. 

First, they Discover what matters most establishing a focus that provides outcomes to be reached. 

Second, with that accomplished, they set a direction for their life that provides them with a Purpose for achieving success, Principles that guide them and keep them on track and Pathways that show the path to be followed in achieving the desire of success they have established.   They are aware of their external environment and ensure at all times that these partners they have selected understand and are working within the framework they have established.

Third, they make certain they have the power to reach desired outcomes by developing individuals and systems of support that drive action.  

To enter the Circle of Champions, your company must develop a Positive Expectancy for the future, become predictable in achieving outcomes, and establish an essence of sustainability.  

No book, single program or seminar will provide what is needed to produce a champion organization.  Only through the diligent effort within the elements of Discovery, Direction, and Development can an organization achieve Champion Status of positive, predictable and sustainable results.

Our Offer to You!

Because we are confident that once you see our process of Strategic Guidance in place, we are offering for a limited time and to a limited number of companies a free Executive Alignment program.  There are no strings attached and no further requirements.   We provide this opportunity because we believe that once you have seen the power of this program of development, you will want to continue down the road to the Circle of Champions. 

Contact WLi-Solutions for more information.  Don’t miss out on this limited special offer.