A few words about us!


Our company has been providing Positive and Sustainable outcomes for individuals and organizations for over Twenty years.

There are many in the marketplace offering to help organizations and individuals become real champions and achieve greater levels of success.  

Our efforts help ensure success not only for the organizations but also for the employees who power them to success!

How do we define Champions?

A champion produces positive, predictable and sustainable outcomes!

Becoming predictable in achieving desired outcomes means that success occurs on a continual basis.  A champion gains a reputation of always delivering what is promised.  

A champion is seen as a consistent, reliable and continual partner.  

Most importantly, is the champions ability to sustain that effort over time.

Build Success In, Not Bolt It On!

Many programs provide sessions that seem exciting when they are delivered, but in a few weeks or months, everything is right back where it was before.  The only difference is that the participant has invested time and money in something that provided no sustainable return on their investment.

Instead of a quick seminar, we work with your team over time to ensure you receive a positive return for what you invest!

Sustainability means that what happens in your development efforts must be built in, not bolted on!  We don't believe one size fits all.  We work first to define your needs and then work to meet those needs.   We work over time to ensure the improvements are BUILT IN providing  sustainability of desired results.

Our programs provide sustainable improvements in our clients performance.

Objectives For Organizations


  1. To facilitate a process of organizational alignment.
  2. To engage in effective executive team development.
  3. To achieve the best performance level.
  4. To Produce positive and sustainable outcomes.
  5. To make a positive difference.



WLi Solutions engages in organizational development.  We are dedicated to helping organizations achieve sustainable, long-term performance improvements.  Our parent company World Leadership Institute is proud to be an affiliate of Leadership Management International, Inc.  

In addition, we provide a variety of other programs to enhance our ability to define and deliver what you need to increase the organization's success.

Our programs are focused on making each individual a champion in all they do.  At the same time work to bring those individual talents together to form an effective team.

The Individual

Why does WLi Solutions program for organizations focus attention on the individual?  Consider these questions.

Why does WLi Solutions program for organizations focus attention on the individual?  Consider these questions.

  • How can your organization perform at its peak if your employees are unable to achieve results?
  • How can your company overcome its challenges today and reach its long-term outcomes without employees that are motivated to success not only at work but in their personal life as well?
  •  How can your organization improve productivity without employees that are connected, aligned and excited about their future?


Our Promise to You!

Our promise to you is that we will make a positive and sustainable difference in the lives of your employees and through them, in the success of your organization as we assist you in building a Champion Framework that brings continual success. 



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