Per Mar Security


Per Mar Security is an award winning installer of security services.  Per Mar works to develop solutions that directly satisfy their customer's needs for a safer environment.


Mr. Mike Duffy came to WLi Solutions to help in three areas.  First, he was interested in ensuring all the company's divisions aligned on the same purpose and outcomes.  To help Mr. Duffy achieve those solutions, WLi Solutions used the Performance Scan and Strategic Guidance programs to produced positive results in those areas.


Mr. Duffy then requested we provide our Champion Sales programs to his sales professionals.  That program served to help his salespeople not only increase their sales but also to function within the sales environment in a more confident and  professional manner.


Finally, Mr. Duffy asked that we work with a number of key executives in a one on one or small group setting to help develop their leadership and administrative skills.  WLi Solutions used its Champion Leadership Program to help those individuals make improvement in those skills.

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President of Ruhl and Ruhl Insurance, Scott Saveraid,  determined it was time to take a close look at the company to be certain that it was poised to continue to be an effective leader in the insurance industry during the next decade. Mr. Saveraid stated that his need was to “set a foundation for forward progress.”

Ruhl and Ruhl Insurance chose WLi’s Alignment program as a first step in reaching their goal. This program began by helping the executive team identify tactical issues that were keeping the organization from being the best it could each day while having the ability to capture the opportunities of tomorrow.  

Following that program, Ruhl and Ruhl Insurance went on to utilize our Champion Leadership, Champion Team Development, and Champion Time Mastery programs.

The positive outcomes obtained through the WLi Leadership Development and Strategic Guidance Programs provided the foundation that Ruhl and Ruhl Insurance was seeking and allowed them to make the forward progress into the next decade they desired.

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Scott County YMCA

President of the Scott County YMCA, Frank Klipsch, realized that even though the organization had enjoyed tremendous success, there was a need to build upon that success to  provide even greater service to the community.

The WLi Leadership Development and Strategic Guidance Programs were used by the Scott County YMCA to provide an understanding of what the stakeholders felt were the most important issues the organization was facing today and would most likely face in the future.  The program also helped them focus on determining what the greatest and most desirable opportunities that would be available for them in the future.

The Performance Scan Program uncovered a number of critical issues that needed to be addressed in the current operations if future planning were to result in outcomes that would provide the desired levels of success.

As Frank puts it, “This program worked like a charm.” He went on to say, “… it gave us a clear set of the processes we had to put in place to ensure we could sustain the operations that we had now created.”

The Scott County YMCA also employed a number of other WLi programs including the Champion Sales Program and Champion Leadership Development program.

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Gilda's Club QC



Gilda’s Club Quad Cities is a non-profit cancer support community providing people living with cancer  as well as those  who touch and are touched by their lives, access to others  going through the same experience.  It is through people coming together to share the collective wisdom of their experience that a sense of control begins to develop. Gilda’s Club of the Quad Cities is recognized as a critical service organization for the Quad Cities area.

Claudia Robinson CEO of Gilda’s Club Quad Cities recognized the need to develop a plan for the future. However, she also recognized that setting the stage for the longer range planning process was as important as doing the plan itself.

Sorting from among all the issues facing the organization as well as ensuring that all of the organization's board members and staff were aligned on what matters most was critical to setting a direction for the future of the organization.

Claudia selected WLi's Performance Scan  to help set the stage and assure alignment among those important key stakeholders.

Claudia makes it clear when she says, “ … and the end result was a starting point for our long range planning that really allowed us to be focused in primary areas and assured everyone to be on board.”

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