dir_sm_mono“If you don’t know where you are going…  any road will do?”

Direction Sets the Framework for Organization Success

WLi's Framework Development program will develop three critical areas of your organization:

  • Achieve Effective Execution
    By developing an organizational framework,  your employees can carry out the functions necessary to move your organization to success.

    Your employees will also better understand the organizational purpose in terms of markets served, customer demographics, product's and service's benefits.  They will also connect with your principles of operation, the organizational pathway to success and be more astute to the benefits of critical partners.  This Framework will allow the organization to establish a long-term plan of action to reach future desired outcomes.  It will also empower employees to set personal action goals that are in line with the organizational needs.  Setting this Direction through a Framework will produce an increased engagement on the part of each employee and ensure the organization's needs are met through effective execution.
  • Long-Range Planning
    In order to gain the future, the organization must establish a long-range plan of action that moves the organization from where it is today to where it wishes to be at some defined time in the future.WLi's exclusive Strategic Guidance Planning software can be used to build a long-term action plan in an effective and efficient manner.  Even more, this program's exclusive software-based tracking system makes that software become your Accountability Partner helping you and your employees stay on focus!
  • Strategic Thinking
    One of the important functions that must occur within any effective organization is Strategic Thinking.Establishing a culture of Strategic Thinking throughout the framework provides the opportunity for employees to be inspired to reach higher levels of innovation. This process is essential to improving market share and increasing competitive advantage.

World Leadership Institute's exclusive Framework Process contained within our Strategic Guidance Program helps the organization move beyond strategic planning by providing the real Strategic Guidance you need to be most successful.

Framework Elements
There are four elements to the Strategic Framework that you will build for your organization

Purpose  Framework AOR copy

First, you must determine the purpose of your organization.

This purpose is not your mission statement.  The purpose statement is designed for those inside the organization whereas your mission statement is mostly designed for those outside your organization.  Your purpose statement should be written so it clearly defines what is "under your  tent."  It should also be complete enough so you and others can determine if an "opportunity" is right for you. 


Principles are those core elements that your organization will never break under any circumstances.

These principles are developed with care to ensure that they do not contain statements that might be true but only are those that will always be true.


Pathways are the roads you will take to some future point.

The WLi Framework Development Program ensures that you have constructed a set of visions that are reasonable, attainable and that move your organization progressively forward.   Using our Strategic Guidance Planning Software, we teach your employees how to develop and maintain your plan of action through defined dates and responsibilities assigned.  This software will provide reminders of items are due or overdue.  Our Strategic Guidance Planning Planning Software becomes your electronic Accountability Partner.


Partners are critical to your future.

You have a close circle of partners with whom you must share intimate details about your organization.  There is another group that you work with, but do not share the intimate details.  We refer to the first group as Internal partners and the second group as External Partners  You will define your partners within our software and develop an action plan to ensure your relationship continues.