• Champion Programs

    Champion Programs

    WLi-Solutions offers Champion Programs in three areas.    We provide Organization Champion Programs.  These programs assist organizations by enhancing employee…

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  • Personal Life Programs

    Living as a Champion Developing an individual's life such that they become a champion is not only important for them…

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  • Consulting and Coaching

    Consulting and Coaching

    Individual Coaching Dr. Patten has provides individual coaching for executives in the areas of Leadership and Administration, Time Mastery and…

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  • Business Programs

    Business Programs

    We offer a number of programs to help individuals and organizations enter the Circle of Champions. Click on the link…

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  • Living as a Champion

    Living as a Champion

    This is Not a Quick Fix There are many programs that guarantee quick success yet require little effort on your…

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  • Associate Program

    Associate Program

    Ask yourself the following questions: Are you a currently a consultant wishing to expand your business? Are you a retired…

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  • WLi Process

    WLi Process

    YOUR BLUEPRINT FOR SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS These Three D's turn Potential into Champion Performance The blueprint for sustainable success contains three…

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  • Building Young Leaders

    Building Young Leaders

    You need this program if: You are thinking about attending college. Already attending college, increasing your debt and wondering if…

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