About World Leadership Institute

World Leadership Institute was founded in 1997 as Quality Ventures Incorporated.  The company was established as a consulting firm specializing in ISO 9000 quality systems consulting. 

In 2000, Quality Ventures became World Leadership Institute.  That change was made to expand the scope of business to focus more broadly on organizational development.

Our founder worked with a team of professionals in developing the concepts behind Strategic Guidance including our exclusive software for our Alignment products, the Dynamic Action Planning Software, and our online program series.  These exclusive products help organizations discover what areas of improvement will have the greatest effect, helps them set a framework for discovery and develop their people and systems to ensure they have the power to succeed.

CEO's and executive teams of both public and private corporations, educational institutions, museums and other organizations have used our services and expertise to improve their immediate as well as future outcomes. We have become partners with these organizations by conducting an Organizational Alignment and Executive Alignments.  We help them remove daily challenges, set a long-range direction and establishing a culture of strategic thinking.

Our Champion Board program has helped boards work more effectively.  Our founder has worked in and with for-profit as well as not for profit organizations.  He has served on boards, worked for boards and has helped boards improve.  This experience has provided a great opportunity for World Leadership Institute’s programs to assist boards in improving their operational relationship with the organization.

Our unique process powered by our Alignment and other Assessment programs ensures our clients have what it takes not just for today, but also for the time ahead.  We work to build our process into the organization not just bolt it on the outside.

We work to build success into the organization not just bolt it on.  We are working for sustainable solutions.

The World Leadership Insitute also provides assistance for individuals through coaching and group activities.  Our goal is to ensure all those we work with obtain positive and sustainable outcomes.

Associate Program

World Leadership Insitute provides an Associate Program that allows others working with organizations to utilize any of our programs.   If you are interested in investigating the associate program offered by World Leadership Institute contact us by clicking here.


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