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Our company has been helping organizations produce Positive and Sustainable outcomes for organizations for over Twenty years.

There are many in the marketplace offering to help organizations become real champions and achieve greater levels of success.  

Our efforts help ensure success not only for the organizations but also for the employees who power them to success!  We use our exclusive Organization Alignment Program to open the door to greater success.




The key to success is to find the starting point.  Our founder understood many years ago that to bring positive, predictable and positive success to an organization, there had to be alignment among all the participants within the organization.   

Over the years, World Leadership Institute went on to develop what is now the Organization Alignment Program.  This program began in 1983.  At that time it was a paper based system.  Today, as a web-based software enhanced program, the Organization Performance Program brings everyone together to work on common direction elements and to do so as a cohesive team.  

Many of our clients tell us that this program is one of the best leadership development programs available.  The reason is simple.  Our Alignment program forces the members of the executive team to focus on real issues about leadership, administration, and teamwork as they work to collectively agree on direction, outcomes, and process.   No hypothetical companies here.  The Organization Alignment Program brings real issues to the table and assists the executive team to work together to bring solutions.  Our case study is not ABC Company and our product discussion does not focus on widgets!  Your organization is our case study and our product discussions are about what YOUR organization does in the marketplace.  

Over the years, Mr. Patten has used this program to help many organizations gain greater levels of success with more cooperative based culture.

Our Mission

WLi Solutions engages in beginning a process of organizational development through our Alignment Program.  We specialize in setting the stage for more effective planning that ensures sustainable success.  We are dedicated to helping organizations achieve sustainable, long-term performance improvements by ensuring they have full alignment and a culture of working together more effectively.  

Our Promise to You!

Our promise to you is that our program of Organizational Alignment will produce a positive and sustainable difference in the lives of your employees and through them, in the success of your organization as we help to bring focus in all parts of your organization on what matters most! 

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