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Per Mar Security


Per Mar Security is an award winning installer of security services.  Per Mar works to develop solutions for all their customer's needs. Their one goal is to provide for a safer environment.


Mr. Mike Duffy came to WLi Solutions to help in three areas.  First, he was interested in having his company including all its divisions and offices moving in the same direction.  WLi Solutions Performance Scan and Strategic Guidance program produced positive results in those areas.


Mr. Duffy then requested that World Leadership Institute conduct our Champion Sales programs with his sales professionals.  That program helped his sales people not only increase their sales, but also to function in a more professional manner.


Finally, Mr. Duffy asked that World Leadership Institutet be involved with a number of key executives in a one on one or small group setting to help develop their leadership and administrative skills.  WLi used its Champion Leadership Program to help these individuals improve.

Mike Duffy, President

Estes Construction


Estes Construction serves the Quad Cities, eastern Iowa and northern Illinois as General Contractor and Construction Manager. Today, Estes is a leader in the field and is clearly an advocate for Clients, utilizing accurate pre-construction planning for maximum value and substantial cost reductions. Kent Pilcher, president of Estes Construction, makes it clear when he says, “We are committed to making certain our clients project proceed as smoothly and hassle-free as possible.”


Kent Pilcher realized that to stay competitive in his market and become that advocate of the client, Estes needed to reinvent the company. The question was how to begin that process. Mr. Pilcher chose WLi’s program of Strategic Guidance to help the company in this process.  The company also utilized WLi's Champion Leadership Development and Champion Sales programs.


Mr. Pilcher often comments that aligning key stakeholders on what mattered most was the reason he has been able to achieve his desired outcomes.


As Mr. Pilcher indicates: “WLi gave us the tools that helped us get there and they have been our partner in that.”

Mr. Kent Pilcher, President

Scott County Family YMCA



President of the Scott County YMCA realized that even though the organization had enjoyed tremendous success, there was a need to build upon that success to  provide even greater service to the community.


The WLi Leadership Development and Strategic Guidance Programs were used by the Scott County YMCA to provide an understanding of what the stakeholders felt were the most important issues and opportunities the organization would face. The Performance Scan Program uncovered a number of critical issues that needed to be addressed if future planning was to result in successful outcomes that would provide new desired levels of success.


As Frank puts it, “This program worked like a charm.” He went on to comment, “… it gave us a clear set of process we had to put in place to assure that we could sustain the operations that we had now created.”


The Scott County YMCA also employed a number of other WLi programs including the Champion Sales Program and Champion Leadership Development program.


Frank Klipsch, President

Quad City Bank and Trust



Quad City Bank & Trust is a community bank committed to building relationships through professional, personal service. They provide the powerful tools of a major financial institution, the convenience of a one-stop financial resource, and the responsiveness of a local bank.


President, John Anderson knew that to ensure continued positive direction for his bank, he needed to be certain that all of his key stakeholders were aligned and moving in the same direction. Using Wli's Champion Leadership Program he determined what his employees, management and even the board of trustees felt were the most important issues facing the bank and which of those needed attention.


The great news was that the programmed showed that the stakeholders were clearly aligned on what mattered most to the future development of the Bank. This provided the validation that what the strong foundation they had built and the directions in which they were moving were correct. This provided John and his team with the confidence and energy to keep moving forward even more aggressively with their programs.


This experience demonstrates how the WLi Champion Leadership Program becomes a great way to benchmark your company. Through integrating Leadership and Team Development with the actual needs of the organization, not only does leadership development take place, but the organization's issues used as the "case studies" provide real solutions and positive outcomes for the company.


As John Anderson puts it, “I always like to see how well we are doing and progressing. Obviously as a CEO that is a good thing to monitor, and your tool was really perfect in doing that for us!”

Mr. John Anderson, President

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