Champion Time Mastery Online

Champion Time Mastery

Each year you are given 32,000,000 seconds.  This is the most important commodity you have.  You cannot create more time, you can only use what you have wisely.

This program helps you to be the master of your time.  Most of us use a calendar which actually manages us as we place within it all those appointments others want from us.  Maybe you use that calendar to help you decide what matters most each day!

This is not a calendaring system!  This is a concept you can use with any calendar you desire to use.


Enrolling in the program will provide you with:

  1.  Over fifteen video lessons that you can use as much as you would like for six months.
  2. 10% off the Time Mastery Text
  3. Downloadable practice calendar system at no cost.

The Total cost of the Champion Time Mastery Program is only $19.95.

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