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 LMI History

LMI began as a vision in the mind of a self-motivated man known for his ability to transform ideas into goals and goals into phenomenal success.  Paul J. Meyer founded LMI in 1966 to help individuals and organizations develop expertise in setting and reaching personal and business goals. Founded in 1966, this Central Texas corporation has become an extensive, far-reaching organization with materials produced in 26 languages and marketed in nearly 80 countries worldwide.

World Leadership Institute Franchise with LMI

World Leadership Institute is proud to have been a Franchised Associate of LMI since 1997!  We are certified to deliver all LMI programs.  If you are interested in knowing more about these great programs, Contact Us by Clicking Here.

Through WLi Solutions, LMI programs are supported and facilitated by a wide selection of materials reflecting the best thinking of successful leaders in business and human development.  LMI's powerful success programs demonstrate WLi Solution's belief in the potential of every man and woman ability to prepare to meet today's leadership and management challenges.

Developing the Total Person

Change is a process that involves planning, development, goal setting, and practical application.  It's not easy to do alone.  That's why thousands of clients worldwide have used these programs.  

WLi Solutions  understand that each person in any organization is a complex, unique individual with many roles to fill in life.  Our program is designed not just to improve the organization but to improve each individual within the organization.  Our programs empower people to balance each different area of life by helping them set personal values, priorities, and goals. 

It is a proven fact that when each area of life is receiving the proper attention, people become more satisfied and productive.  And when the organization employees are champions, the organization will have an easier path to champion status.  When the organization's employees raise the bar on quality, the organization's customers will see the difference.

Increasing Productivity

Dynamic leadership coupled with effective administrators that move confidently toward the future are paramount to the success of emerging, peak performing organizations of the 21st century.

The challenge to CEO's, business owners, and entrepreneurs wanting to compete both locally and in a global environment is the development of their employees to manage the business and drive the sales.

What defines an effective leader?  Dynamic leaders excel in people skills and the ability to create a motivational environment. They understand that leading is about setting a proper organizational culture while administration is concerned with accomplishing outcomes within that culture.

Focusing on a framework that contains a vision for the organization, clearly defined outcomes are communicated to the employees within the organization.

Effective executives that understand the interrelationship of leadership and administration are organized and focused, and keep their commitments.

How can average producers be changed into even more effective executives?  WLi Solutions knows how to make it happen and part of that solution is our Champion Leadership Program that uses the LMI programs!  By helping companies evaluate their strengths and opportunities and maximize them, we bridge the gap between potential  and performance.

The message is clear!  Organizations must make dramatic changes and accelerate the development of their employees to compete in today's fast-paced, streamlined market – or face the possibilities of being left behind.

WLi Solutions process coupled with LMI Programs have a track record of achieving dramatic results.  

We achieve measurable results

with an immediate return on your investment

while producing

positive and sustainable outcomes for your organization

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