If you don’t have the power to move forward… it doesn’t matter where you want to go!”

Development provides the Power to Succeed

Organizations must invest in two areas of development to ensure success. First, they must ensure that the individuals in the organization are properly equipped and have a success attitude.  Next, they must ensure that the systems support the employees in their efforts to produce proper outcomes.

The question is, how do you know where to invest in organizational development such that your investment will bring the greatest impact to the organization's success?

The answer is simple.  Your organization mu st begin any developmental activity with the Organizational Alignment Program.  This program will allow you to determine where the greatest needs exist from the employee's point of view.   Think how much easier it will be to cause your employees to be engaged in development if they determined that the improvement was needed!  The Organization Alignment Program will provide you with information that will ensure you make real investments in your future that provides a real ROI!

Think about it, what piece of equipment would you buy for which there had not been some consideration as to the need.  We can help you with some of those critical development needs.  We will only provide development program after the Organization Alignment Program has verified what is needed. We do not provide training, we do development.  Development begins with a careful analysis that determines real need.

Individual Development 

Developing the individuals who work within your organization is essential to achieving sustainable success.  Developing the skills, knowledge, and attitudes of each person within the organization is critical to ensuring that employees are fully engaged in working to achieve success for the organization.  World Leadership Institute development programs are designed to specifically integrate with our Strategic Guidance Program.  


Once a need is established, we can provide developmental programs in Leadership Development, Management Development, Team Development, Time Mastery, Board Development, Personal Productivity and other programs.
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Operational Systems Development

Ensuring the organization has operating systems that support the efforts of employees is essential.   WLi's Operational System Development Program assists your organization to develop and maintain operational systems that support the organization's efforts. We assist your organization in the development of an effective process of  Continual Improvement that ensures the organization is constantly assessing and improving its operational systems.

Our program is one of teaching and facilitating such that your employees actually develop quality operating systems ensuring they are built in not bolted on.   WLi's Operational Systems Development Program ensures that your employees own the operational system. This process motivates them to ensure the operating systems are functioning at peak performance.  Our process teaches your employees to build and maintain your systems.  This reduces your expense by not requiring you to call a consultant any time a change is needed. preventing you from needing additional assistance in that effort.  Your employees are fully equipped to handle those actions.

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Development Program Offerings

 Our goal is to make each program we employ organizationally based.  That starts with a clear definition of need.  Our Development programs utilize the work environment as a laboratory during the duration of our engagement. This real life involvement ensures that the individual can apply what they learn because they have practiced the lessons each week during the five to fifteen-week duration.  

Some of our programs offer a shorter time frame but out basic programs last from five to fifteen weeks meeting for ninety minutes each week.   This spacing of the learning over time allows us to monitor progress and ensure that what is learned each week is put into practice.  In addition, it keeps your employees from being away from their work efforts for long periods of time.  Most often these programs are delivered at your location reducing wasted time in driving on the part of your employees.

Through our methodology, we obtain positive and sustainable results.


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