“If you don’t know where you are starting from….  

Which direction will you choose to reach desired outcomes?”

Discovery Sets

The Foundation

Determining a starting point from which your organization begins a journey to greater success is the first step in organizational improvement.  Gauging the tactical performance of the organization will uncover challenges that need attention and strengths that can be enhanced.  Learning how your Executives work together as a team is a critical part of Discovery.

Identifying What Matters Most among identified challenges and strengths, provides clarity and focus by identifying areas where the organization most needs improvement to generate increased success.

One of the most critical tools WLi-Solutions can provide to your organization are three Alignment Scans - Executive Alignment, Organizational Alignment, and Board Alignment.  The Executive Alignment focus on the Executive Team alignment.  The Organizational Alignment includes every person in the organization focusing on the overall alignment of the organization.  The Board Alignment focuses on the board's perception of its role as well as the organization's ability to fulfill its mission.

The Organizational Alignment Program is a critical set of tools that provides alignment throughout your organization.  This program assesses the effectiveness of core functional components through all levels of your organization.  

The information provided to the executive team through this program helps establish an effective plan of action geared toward identifying and removing the most critical challenges that are forming the greatest barriers to success.

See a sample report by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

This  Alignment Program:

  • Identifies & Removes Tactical Barriers
  • Clears  the way for organizational effectiveness
  • Increases engagement & participation by all employees
  • Develops leadership qualities throughout your organization
  • Improves Organizational Communication


Download a Sample Organizational Alignment Report



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