Per Mar Security

Per Mar Security


Per Mar Security is an award winning installer of security services.  Per Mar works to develop solutions that directly satisfy their customer's needs for a safer environment.


Mr. Mike Duffy came to WLi Solutions to help in three areas.  First, he was interested in ensuring all the company's divisions aligned on the same purpose and outcomes.  To help Mr. Duffy achieve those solutions, WLi Solutions used the Performance Scan and Strategic Guidance programs to produced positive results in those areas.


Mr. Duffy then requested we provide our Champion Sales programs to his sales professionals.  That program served to help his salespeople not only increase their sales but also to function within the sales environment in a more confident and  professional manner.


Finally, Mr. Duffy asked that we work with a number of key executives in a one on one or small group setting to help develop their leadership and administrative skills.  WLi Solutions used its Champion Leadership Program to help those individuals make improvement in those skills.

PerMar Security can be found at

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