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These Three D's turn Potential into Champion Performance

The blueprint for sustainable success contains three essential elements.  

First, is the Foundation of Discovery.  

Second, is a Framework of Direction that describes the future.

 Third, is a program for Development that brings the Power to capture that future!

Only by employing these critical elements will an organization reach predetermine outcomes.  Individuals, companies, and organizations have the potential to achieve champion status.  


Discovery - The Foundation

Discovery is in many ways, the most critical phase.  Yet this phase is often glossed over in the typical "planning" process.  

In the WLi-Solutions Discovery phase, your team will participate in a complete organizational analysis that will provide an understanding of your organizational needs, identify specific barriers to success, and establish the feedback needed to move your organization forward.

During Discovery there will be:

  • Increased commitment from key executive team members.
  • Improved understanding of opportunities as well as challenges.
  • Alignment among executive team members on what matters most.
  • Identification of tactical issues impeding success.
  • The development of a plan of action to deal with those tactical issues.
  • An established focus on long-term opportunities 
  • Alignment of key stakeholders on the issues that most affect the organization's future development.


Direction - Framework

Planning most often sets random goals for the future.  Setting a framework for action provides executable direction! Once you have a framework in which everyone is aligned, establishing and achieving desired outcomes becomes a natural function that is fully integrated into the organization.  

Building and using this Organizational Framework provides a better understanding of how each person becomes an integral part of achieving organizational success. 

During Direction:

Your organization will establish a clear framework for future direction made up of four essential elements:

  • Purpose 
    Purpose goes beyond mission, answering not only what your organization does but also why your organization provides what it does.

  • Principles 
    Principles are those core issues that the organization must maintain under any and all circumstances.

  • Pathways
      Success is not about defining a destination, it is about achieving momentum.  Setting pathways keeps the organization moving forward.

  • Partners
      There are always many partners that help achieve the desired success.  Developing a Partner Plan of Action keeps those partners working for you.

Development - Power

During the Development Phase, we offer specific development programs that help your employees develop the skills, acquire the knowledge and align attitudes to ensure desired results not just for the organization but for each individual.

The Development Phase also works to evaluate those systems that support your organization and bring a plan of action to improve when necessary.  

Outcomes you will Achieve in Development:

  • Employee development brings improved attitudes and greater productivity
  • More aligned attitude among employees as they become more connected to outcomes
  • Improved systems of operations that bring greater effectiveness and efficiency to the organization.


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