Program Offerings

WLi Solutions Program Offerings

Organizational Alignment

Through years of experience, Mr. Patten experienced the effect on outcomes when everyone was not aligned with what matters most.  Because of the effect that lack of alignment produced, in 1997, he developed a program that assists organizations to ensure alignment.  The first system was a paper-driven. The Organizational Alignment Program organization provided today is Web Based, Software Driven program that produces dynamic results for organizations!

Team Development

Having effective team operations can be one of the more dynamic forces within the organization.  Our program is offered as a half-day overview or one-day intensive seminar that will enhance your team dynamics.

Time Mastery

Knowing how to manage your time is not what is needed to achieve success.  Each person must learn to master their time.  Mastering Time is essential to attaining the greatest possible success.  Our one-day seminar will greatly enhance your ability to become the master of your time.

Framework Selling

Many have a completely wrong understanding of the process of selling.  This program brings a more successful attitude about the selling process and provides a process for effective selling within a defined framework.  This program can be delivered in a two-day session or within at ten-week session meeting 1.5 hours per day once a week for the ten weeks.  This program includes the Time Mastery Program.

Effective Organizational Leadership

Leadership and administration are often confused and misused resulting in less effectiveness of both areas of executive responsibility.  This program makes a clear distinction between the two and ensures that executives can both lead and administer effectively.  This program includes Time mastery.

Building Champion Organizations

This one-day workshop helps executives understand the importance of looking at the organization holistically.  It brings an understanding of the difference between planning and strategic guidance ensuring that not only are todays operations functioning effectively but that future opportunities are captured and capitalized.

Living as a Champion

This is an executive coaching program that ensures that the individual’s personal life is consistent with their need to be a champion at the workplace.  You cannot build a champion company with executives who are not champions in their personal life.  This program is most often offered in a one on one coaching situation but is also available for group participation where appropriate.

Board Retreat Program

We use our web-based software powered program to assess how the board is functioning.  We use that information in the retreat setting along with our book Champion Boards to ensure the board is as effective as possible.  This program is typically offered in a Retreat Setting covering two days.

Executive Retreat Program

Using our Executive Alignment Program, the executive team focuses on the relationships that exist among the members and how they can more effectively work together to achieve desired outcomes.

External Climate Study

We provide a web based external climate study for organizations to help them understand the strengths and challenges of their relationship with those external to the organization.  This allows the executive team to put in place a plan of action that focuses on dealing with the challenges and bringing even greater power to the strengths of the organization.



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