Ruhl and Ruhl Insurance



President of Ruhl and Ruhl Insurance, Scott Saveraid,  determined it was time to take a close look at the company to be certain that it was poised to continue to be an effective leader in the insurance industry during the next decade. Mr. Saveraid stated that his need was to “set a foundation for forward progress.”

Ruhl and Ruhl Insurance chose WLi’s Alignment program as a first step in reaching their goal. This program began by helping the executive team identify tactical issues that were keeping the organization from being the best it could each day while having the ability to capture the opportunities of tomorrow.  

Following that program, Ruhl and Ruhl Insurance went on to utilize our Champion Leadership, Champion Team Development, and Champion Time Mastery programs.

The positive outcomes obtained through the WLi Leadership Development and Strategic Guidance Programs provided the foundation that Ruhl and Ruhl Insurance was seeking and allowed them to make the forward progress into the next decade they desired.

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