Our scans are designed to help organizations attain the information necessary to make the best decisions. We offer two scans as shown below.  Each of these is built specifically for the needs of the organization.  Contact us by using the symbol on the right   or by clicking here.


External Scan

Often organizations desire to scan the external environment to see what customers, community leaders, suppliers and others feel about their organization.  Our External Scan program helps to assess those feelings.  Not only does it explain the feelings others have, but it also indicates which each group feels is most important.

Feasibility Scan

The Feasibility Scan is often used by organizations to determine the feasibility of a fundraising project or a strategic initiative.  The feasibility allows you to know how people feel about certain aspects of your project or strategic initiatives and how important it is relative to others.  This allows you to build a campaign where you can target your message to those groups based on their reactions.

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