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Over the past fifteen years, our parent companyWorld Leadership Institute  has developed a number of products and programs that are exclusive to our ability to custom fit a solution to the specific needs of our clients.

Programs and Materials

Developed by World Leadership Institute 

Organizational Performance Analysis

Sample Page from Organizational DNA Report

Sample Page from Organizational Peformance Scan

This web-based program allows us to not only determine what those who work within your organization feel are functioning best and those  challenges that are causing issues but also which are most important.  Our double-axis analysis provides the executive team with the ability to focus attention where it will have the greatest impact.   Click on the picture to the left to see the full report.
Strategic Guidance Planning Software

Strategic Guidance Software

Strategic Guidance Software

The Strategic Guidance Planning Software is designed to support our  concept for organizational development.  Our clients can use the software to develop plans of action for Discovery, Direction, and Development.  Because planning is such an integral part of success, we have developed this planning tool for both organizations as well as individuals.  This software is provided to clients with a perpetual license and can be single desktop or network based.  It is one of the components used in our two-day retreat in our leadership program to develop plans to deal with the issues uncovered from the Organizational Performance Scan.  The software is then provided to the client at no additional cost - ever!  Those enrolled in our Living as a Champion program receive a copy of Personal Life Planning Software.  (Click on the covers of each item below to see more about the program associated with the book.  You can also visit The WLi Store.)

Written Material

Over the years, we have produced a number of our own written materials that are available to clienChampion Leadershipts.  Among these are:

Our Champion Leadership book is used as an element of our Champion Leadership Program.


Champion Sales



The Champion Sales workbook provides the foundation for our Champion Sales Program.





The Champion Board workbook is combined with our Board Scan program to assist boards in being most effective in their relationship with the organization the serve.


Developing Champion Organizations through Strategic Guidance explains the total concept of Strategic Guidance.  It is provided to those who are enrolled in any of our business programs to provide an understanding of the total concept.  From time to time we do offer courses and webinars on the topic of Strategic Guidance.


WLi-Solutions offers a program specifically for those thinking about startingLAC-SB-57264-Cover-web or for those who are already engaged in a small business.  This book focuses on the YOU in YOUr business.  Small businesses often fail because the YOU factor is not well thought out.  Having passion is not enough, wanting change is not a reason that typically drives success, looking for something that  will be easy can easily lead you in the wrong direction!  This book helps you understand how you can start and operate a small business without sacrificing YOU in the process.


After working with a number of our corporate clients, we found a number of individuals that were not champions within their own life.   It was difficult for those companies to become champions if key employees are not a champion of their personal life.  Living as a Champion is a book that is used with our online program.  This allows companies to help individual employees improve their personal life.  This program is also available to those who wish to improve their life on their own. learning-as-a-champion-front-web

Many of our clients have children who are about to attend college or who are attending college and are being challenged by the new environment. The  Learning as a Champion book is used with our online program Learning as a Champion to help students prepare for and attend college in a new more professional manner.  It causes students to focus on value, return on investment, and their need for engagement rather than on just getting this part of their life finished!
One Line Programs

Many of our programs are offered as either stand-alone online programs or with online supplemental material for our in place or webinar programs.  Here are some of the online materials or programs we have developed.

Our Partners

Over the years we have been providing development programs to individuals and organizations, we have evaluated many programs developed by others.  

We have selected two companies to partner with that we feel are the best in complementing our material, have a strong reputation of providing quality products and whose material we know will support our client's needs.



LMI is a training and development company with over 40 years of international experience.  The reason we chose them as a partner was their unique way to develop leaders and organizations to their full potential.  LMI has a proven system that makes a measurable impact on the performance and the profitability of the company.


Madisc 3ny people have heard about or participated in using the DiSC® profile.  What many don't know is that there are a wide number of products produced by Wiley Work Place Learning Solutions.  While they publish the DiSC® profile, they produce many other products in areas such as sales, team development, management as well as others.  WLi-Solutions uses each of these products based on the needs of the client.

What this means to you as a Client of WLi-Solutions is that you can rest assured that we will tailor a program that meets your specific needs.  We are not a one program fits all company.  We start by working to ensure we are proposing the best set of programs that will meet your defined needs.

If you are interested in learning more about how WLi-Solutions can provide you with development programs that can meet your defined needs and bring improvements to your organization contact us by clicking here or call 770-233-7044

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