WLi Retreat Programs

 Executive Retreats

Dr. Patten also conducts executive retreats.  There are three basic themes from which organizations can choose:

  • Champion Team Development
  • Champion Leadership Development
  • Time Mastery

Executive retreats may be made up of any one or a combination of those three topics.  Dr. Patten designs the retreat specifically to meet the needs presented.  The length of time for the retreat may be from half-day sessions to multiple days depending on needs and available time.  The exclusive Performance Scan process can be used to make the retreat more exciting as the team works on specific issues to which they reach aligned outcomes.  Click here to learn more about our Executive Level Programs.

Board Retreats

Boards are a critical part of any organization.  Dr. Patten has worked for and with many boards over his career.  His book Champion Boards forms the foundation for a great board retreat.  The Board Scan is also available to bring even greater effectiveness to the retreat.  Board Retreats are most often one - three days in length.  Click here to learn more about our Champion Board program.


For more information on any one of these consulting or coaching sessions, please click here and contact us or call 770 233 7044.



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